10 calls, 9 appointments made. Welcome, one of Amicio’s hidden treasures

Publié le 2 février 2024 | Par Pacitel

Appointment at Amicio. Meet Bienvenue Libaï, in Libourne. At Amicio, where she’s been working for a number of years, agent Bienvenue Libaï is THE most efficient appointment scheduling specialist for windscreen fitting. Meeting her is as instructive as a Master Class with Eric Clapton, Sonny Landreth* or Mark Knopfler for an apprentice guitarist.

There’s nothing in her discreet voice or her looks to suggest it, but BL is a recognised performer. She’s got a hell of a craft.

In the windscreen fitting industry, the world’s biggest players make a name for themselves through their advertising, their TV commercials for example. The key then is to convert calls from these prospects into scheduled appointments at the centres where the windscreens will actually be repaired or replaced.

Every year, one of Europe’s biggest players in this sector puts its in-house agents in competition with those working for it in outsourced BPO centres. The ratio of appointments taken to calls received in X minutes is the criterion on which these hundreds of employees are compared. And Bienvenue won.

Watch the video to get to know her and her unusual career. Gérald Bouillaud, Jean Suzanne, she has known some of the leading figures in the industry, in France and in Mauritius. And Wanadoo, where many of today’s executives started out.

Her voice is soft, so listen carefully. We haven’t subtitled to force you to listen. Active listening is the key to this job!

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